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(In-person) Toxic BBQ - Place, Time, Date, and Planning

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  • (In-person) Toxic BBQ - Place, Time, Date, and Planning

    Toxic BBQ

    16:00- 22:00 Con-Thursday, Aug 5, Off-site at Sunset Park, Pavilion F, (36.0636, -115.1178)

    The humans of Vegas invite you to the 15th incarnation of this unofficial welcome party. Meet your internet friends AFK just like you did in the Before Time. Burgers and dogs are provided; you bring everything else (favorite meat, “meat”, sides, drinks, labor, rides, and donations). We're taking extra precautions for food and people safety with masks, handwashing stations, and spreading us out

    Grab flyers from an Info Booth after Linecon, and watch #ToxicBBQ on Twitter for the latest news.

    Toxic BBQ connects DEF CON n00bs and vets in the Vegas sunshine. In past years, we've hosted over 400 with volunteer labor and donations. Help us get the word out. This will be the 15th cookout, and, after being cooped up, we can't wait to make it the best we can while also being safe. There is no qualification other than helping out. And there is no obligation other than welcoming the next person in line.

    We can’t wait to see you again.

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    It would be great to have some easy way to carpool or rideshare, for those of us accustomed to walking to places in Vegas.


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      Apart from the supply run at 1, we have not had much success organizing rideshare centrally, but I would give you these tips:

      - Have an organizer who meets people on the con floor (typically an info booth)
      - Have drivers who go get the vehicle(s) while people gather
      - Organizer walks people to the pickup point
      - Use #ToxicBBQ on Twitter to announce a time and a place.

      I try to signal boost those looking for rides on the day off by posting on Twitter. I’ll open a thread here on the morning of to coordinate it as well.


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        How do we volunteer ?


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          Just got back from my first Toxic BBQ. It was awesome. Thank you to all the amazing people I met and special thanks to the gents from peppercon and the_bozo for autographing the Toxic BBQ history pamphlet.

          Good Times!


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            200-300 hackers (numbers get fuzzy as people come and go)
            200+ burgers and dogs
            Corn, beans, ribs, chicken, pins, stickers, and assorted swag
            Peppercon, Technick's badges, Enterprise Badge's misting system, homebrew, and over 15 Grill Captains that kept us fed throughout the night, and 1 park denizen on a razor scooter
            116 degree heat
            1 roadrunner

            Thanks for a great year, see you for the 30th!
            DuncanYoudaho and The_Bozo