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2021 #Badgelife list crowdsourced

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  • 2021 #Badgelife list crowdsourced

    I have not seen a list this, year so I pulled one together,

    2021 #Badgelife

    It's On Cryptpad instead of google drive, for more privacy and OpSec concerns.

    I have added what info and badges I know about,
    If you know of more, please update the spreadsheet!

    And a call out to @smittyhalibut
    with his tweet about #badgelife in the comments field.


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    Thank you Gater_Byte for reviving the Badge Life thread!

    Your link is so secure I get this:

    This link was copied from the browser's address bar and does not provide access to the document. Please use the Share menu to share directly with contacts or copy the link. Read more about the Safe Links feature.
    I tried loading the spreadsheet, it was blank, and after trying to refresh I get that error.

    Could you just copy and paste here to give us a clue as to what the spreadsheet contains?
    PGP Key:


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      Try this link instead, grabbed from twitter: