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DEF CON 29 Badge Hacking

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  • DEF CON 29 Badge Hacking

    The DEF CON 29 badge has been revealed!

    Use this thread to post pictures, compare notes, and puzzle out the puzzles
    If there is enough action here we can split the thread into different sections.

    PGP Key:

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    Hello from MK Factor! We hope you enjoy the badge!


    • Duck Duck
      Duck Duck commented
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      My mailbox is looking forward to interfacing with it this weekend. Red, you say? Talking of which, when do the virtual inhumans receive theirs?

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    pistrix People have started getting their virtual badges already, we hope to have them all in the mail by this weekend.
    PGP Key:


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      I got mine in the mail tuesday the 20th, and loving it.


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        Received mine in the post yesterday, and did some brief tinkering with the switch configuration on the top badge.

        Brief notes:

        Keycaps will not work with the box switches I have on-hand. Any non-box style switch will fit these fine.

        Noted also, are the hole configurations for both 3-pin and 5-pin switches. Have some Zilent switches sourced and en-route from a US based vendor, and those should be here by EOW/beginning of next week to test out.

        The LEDs appear to be south-facing as well.

        Both parts of the badge need to be powered for "games", per the lithographed text on the underside of the top badge. Will be sourcing the second cord necessary soon, as I have a USB-C to USB-A cord on hand, but not the necessary USB-A cord to make this happen.

        Battery power for the badge is awesome to see!


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          Some preliminary photos


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            Inside Photos


            • ricverm
              ricverm commented
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              Hmmm, the J3 connector is missing from my badge and I found the one for my son loose in the bubble wrap. I'm pretty sure I can reattach the one, but any idea where I might find a replacement for the other online?

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            I will throw my pre-con two bits in.

            zi fts gki xkuadp = we are the signal
            Vigenere key = defcon

            Can't wait to get my hands on mine in Vegas!


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              I got mine 22 july, pretty exited to start working on it


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                Anyone take a look at your device serial number? Mine has a lot of 20 (space) in a row


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                  If anyone wants to use different keycaps, the badge uses cherry mx compatible switches. I've also been told that the keycaps that come with the badge won't work on boxed switches. Sorry about that.


                  • hdanielson
                    hdanielson commented
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                    So cool that you compukidmike and yours ktjgeekmom made the Defcon badge you did it awesomely well ! Can’t wait to hear the talk on how it came about and completed during this pandemic! i gave ypu a cyber bear!

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                  Great badge compukidmike I've got your Fifth Element badge and the Red Goon Box badge as well. I dug out an MK Factor sticker and put it on my laptop lol. Thanks again!


                  • compukidmike
                    compukidmike commented
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                    Thanks! Glad you like it.

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                  I purchased a DefCon29 in person badge online for $300. Do I need to bring the receipt with me? Do they already have me on record? Just trying to confirm before I get there


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                    Originally posted by DannyA View Post
                    I purchased a DefCon29 in person badge online for $300. Do I need to bring the receipt with me? Do they already have me on record? Just trying to confirm before I get there
                    Bring your ticket.


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                      FWIW you can connect to the badge on the com port it instantiates when connected via usb to the pc, I used putty on windows for this Click image for larger version

Name:	com-port.JPG
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                      Click image for larger version

Name:	com-port2.JPG
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ID:	238373