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In-person badge and virtual access for people who pre-ordered and won't make it to Vegas

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  • In-person badge and virtual access for people who pre-ordered and won't make it to Vegas

    I was so excited to come to DC in person this year so I bought my in-person access on day one, not expecting that Las Vegas would become a petri dish of Covid with no substantial action from its governance to prevent the spread of the new variant.

    I recognize that the Def Con team has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that attendees would be safe within the conference wails, however, everywhere else will be, in my opinion, a game of Russian roulette. So, to protect my kids and community, I decided to cancel my in-person trip.

    I understand that based on my pre-order, and others, the DC team made arrangements and had subsequent expenses so I'm not looking for a refund. I would love, though to receive my badge, even if it's after the con (or to have someone pick it up for me) and to get access to the Human Plus part of the virtual side of DC.

    Is this something that can be arranged?

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    dotornot You aren't alone in this, I am also looking at the same situation, paid for in person don't want a refund, just to get my badge.


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      I am also now look at not being able to attend due to Covid infetions spikes. Would love to get my badge and Human Plus access.


      • dotornot
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        Based on a quick twitter convo, the DC crew is looking into options including sending the badges after the con.

        Number6, the in-person badge page also claims:
        Your badge also comes with a code that unlocks the "Human Plus" role on the DEF CON Discord Server. The DEF CON Discord is host to the online portion of DEF CON 29 and various other DEF CON Online Events during the rest of the year.

        That would be great if that part could be solved before the start of DC.

      • number6
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        Originally posted by dotornot
        Based on a quick twitter convo, the DC crew is looking into options including sending the badges after the con.
        I've heard/read that, (and many other things which never actually happen) but I've not heard any official policy on this, so I hesitate to offer hope or confirmation of a new feature until it is really official.

        As a result, until it is beyond online-discussion and made official, I can't claim the option to send an in-person badge by post will actually be an option available.

        (It is easier to make an offer once it is made official, but if an offer is made before it is official and then the plan changes or is cancelled, then it is very hard to take away an offer that was made.)
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      • jason77
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        I've also abandoned plans to attend in-person. (While *inside* the Con, I'd be surrounded by masked, vaccinated people, *outside* the con is full of unvaccinated idiots spewing the delta variant. LOLNOPE.) I sent a note to There is no shipping of in-person badges. I was offered a partial refund.

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      I cannot attend as well, I asked the shop for info on the HumanPlus .

      You may purchase Human plus on the def con discord server.

      Unfortunately I will not be able to attend in person due to the travel restrictions, any idea on how else I can receive the Humanplus?


      The human plus is given to you when picking up you badge at the convention.


      I was ok with not getting a refund, but having to pay more for what should already be included is a bit too much "tough love" for me


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        As mentioned here:

        If you can't pass vaccination, but you trust someone who is willing and able to pass vaccination at DEF CON to pick up their own badge, then you can give them your badge redemption code, and then they can pick up your badge, and package (with humanplus code) and bring it to you. This won't get you into the in-person DEF CON, but you could at least get your badge this way.
        (See post URL for more details and reuqirements.)

        In a nearly identical path, if you know someone you trust who is willing and able to pass vaccination at DEF CON and travel to Las Vegas while you are unwilling or unable, and trust them to snail-mail ship you your badge, or bring it to you in-person after con, and they can send you a picture of your humanplus code over some kind of encrypted session (like Signal, or GPG/PGP mail, etc.) then you can have your trusted associate provide you with your HumanPlus code and badge.

        It is not ideal, but many people that attend know and trust someone who will be going to DEF CON, who can get them their badge and their HumanPlus code for them.

        As far as I know, there is no check of identity at badge pickup. Whoever has the badge redemption code or cash to buy a badge can get the badge and pack including HumanPlus. There is no credit card check. The *only* piece of data that will likely be "saved" it will be which codes have been redeemed. (No Replay attacks.)

        There are supposed to be ID checks at the vaccination check-point, but only enough to confirm the person's photo ID image appears to match the holder, and the name on the government issued ID matches the name on the originally provided vaccination proof, indicating you are fully vaccinated according to the CDC; 2 weeks after final series vaccine for the vaccine type you received (1 shot of J&J, or 2 shots in correct timing window for Pfizer/Moderna) with last shot completed at least 2 weeks before badge pickup. They are also not supposed to photograph, or record, or copy any information from your government issued ID or your vaccination card.

        Do you all have friends you trust who can help you with this?
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        • dotornot
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          That sounds like a good alternative. I'll ping some friends who might be able to help.