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[online] A-ISAC CTF @ DEFCON 29

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  • [online] A-ISAC CTF @ DEFCON 29

    Full schedule of talks, workshops, and events at the Aerospace Village is located here:

    • A-ISAC, ERAU with support from IntelliGenesis (CybatiWorks)
    Day 1: Aug. 6th, 2021 9:00AM – 6:00PM PDT (UTC-7)
    Day 2: Aug. 7th, 2021 9:00AM – 6:00PM PDT (UTC-7)

    Registration available at

    Aviation ISAC is hosting a competition at DC29 Aerospace Village! This competition represents a simulated airport hosted on the Cyber Skyline platform and is developed by the Department of Cyber Intelligence and Security at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Prescott) and Matthew E. Luallen, Chief Executive Inventor at CybatiWorks powered by IntelliGenesis. The ethical design of the competition is achieved through investigative themes that provides a focus in blue team while still offering red team aspects.

    Storyline for CTF: On 8/6, an employee from ERAU Airline noticed a USB stick inside one of their kiosks. After further investigation, airport security suspects someone is carrying out an attack against the airport. You have been brought in to retrace the steps of the attackers, determine where security needs to be hardened, regain control of compromised systems, and prevent a successful attack at the airport. Identify the criminals by retracing their steps and utilizing OSINT to identify which suspects need to be arrested. Investigators have not ruled out insider threats which means you must remain undetected by airport staff while you attempt to regain control of the airport’s infrastructure. Good Luck and remember to register ahead of time!

    CybatiWorks part of the CTF Stage 7: Runway Lighting System: The Runway Lighting System (RLS) was taken over by the attackers and the lights are operating erratically. Identify what the attackers have changed causing the RLS HMI systems to work improperly and regain access to the remote logic controller operating the runway lights. Update the logic on the HMI system, regain control of the remote logic controller and successfully operate the RLS.

    Architecture Design: The competitors are provided with a CybatiWorks custom docker image that they use to gain access to the operator and maintenance HMI logic. The competitors will review and update the logic to match the documentation provided in stage 4. Once the local components are successfully completed the competitors will request access to the remote RLS logic controller (i.e. a Raspberry PI with a 3d printed/LED runway lighting system accessible via a VPN). The competitors will complete additional challenges to confirm the logic program and then remotely control the RLS. All remote RLS stations will be visible