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[online] California Cyber Innovation Challenge CTF @ DEFCON 29

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  • [online] California Cyber Innovation Challenge CTF @ DEFCON 29

    Full schedule of talks, workshops, and events at the Aerospace Village is located here:

    California Cyber Innovation Challenge CTF
    • Cal Poly
    Starts August 7, 2021@ 9 AM PST,
    Ends Aug 8, 2021 5 PM PST

    Registration available at

    The CCIC promotes Gamification & Esports for Space and Cybersecurity Skills Development. This is an electronic game of clue that has characters and threat actors or the person(s) who committed the Space and Cyber crime. Find the person(s) of interest that you think committed the crime. You are Cybernauts and Cyber Sleuth Analysts. Remember, throughout the challenge, record and take notes of all information, findings, evidence, and clues regarding characters you encounter. Take note of technical skills you executed to create a digital forensics analysis report of who committed the crime and their motives.

    About the Crime:
    A multi-billion dollar company led by CEO, William Gecko, Moonshot Satellite’s constellation of 5000 CubeSat’s, located in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), provides a mesh-network of internet access to over 20 million commercial and governmental customers around the globe. Moonshot Satellite, a small cube satellite company whose constellation satellite infrastructure provides communication services that deliver Internet access to over 200 million individual commercial customers and real-time communications support for numerous government agencies.