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Update on DC 29 Hacker Jeopardy

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  • Update on DC 29 Hacker Jeopardy

    As many of you know, there is an ongoing concern about an uptick in COVID in hot zones, including Las Vegas. As a result, we have opted to do a hybrid event.

    Our plan is to still have a physical presence at the Hacker Jeopardy track at 8pm, but we will be broadcasting remotely with just a couple of us serving as boots on the ground in Vegas. This is a bit of uncharted territory and is certainly a last-minute change, but for those of you who want to still sit in a room with your fellow HJ fans and watch people forget what port Telnet runs on, you're in luck. It obviously won't be as interactive, but we will have some swag (HJ challenge coins, anyone?) to still make it feel a bit, well, HJ-like.

    Apologies for the last minute change, but this virus is a real bastard.

    To help make this easier, we have extended team registration through 00:00 UTC on Tuesday. Teams will participate virtually.

    If you already signed up, please do so again so we know you are still interested!

    Again, sorry for the last minute change, none of us are happy with the situation but we hope you understand and we will still have a rockin' show for you.

    DFIU, see some of you at the con, and some of you on the Intertubes!


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    I have been going to DEFCON for quite a while and this is the first time I will be attending HJ. I always had something else going on at that time. I am eager to see this in action.


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      EDIT: This will be a full REMOTE event. We'd love to be able to provide an audience venue, but the logistics just won't allow for that I'm afraid. As such, we will be broadcasting on the Defcon Twitch stream as well as our own. I'll see what we can do as far as setting up a few swag events or some such though!



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        Cyph3r, welcome to HJ. If you want a welcome gift in the form of a challenge coin (limited edition HJ 2021 edition) PM me with a rough idea of time and place and we can coordinate a meetup. Love giving away stuff to first-timers.

        And no, this isn't a clumsy social engineering attempt. :)