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  • About the Demo

    Title: Principal Mapper (PMapper) – Mapping Privilege Escalation and More in AWS IAM

    Discord Channel: #dl-pmapper

    Location: In-person Demolab 1

    When: Sat 10:00 – 11:50

    Presenter(s): Erik Steringer

    Abstract: Principal Mapper (PMapper) is an open-source tool and library for looking at AWS IAM and AWS Organizations for risks related to permissions. It can find and store information on how different users and roles can access each other as a way to expand their effective permissions. If you need to double-check your work on locking away your stuff in S3 or Secrets Manager, or if you need to make sure that an EC2 instance can’t be used to bring down your whole AWS account, PMapper is the tool for you.

    Audience: Defense, Cloud


    Bio(s): Erik Steringer is a security professional currently with NCC Group.

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    Hi all!

    I'll be checking in on this forum so please feel free to drop in any questions/comments.