Title: USBsamurai

Discord Channel: #dl-usb-samurai

Location: virtual Video 2

When: Sat 12:00 – 13:50

Presenter(s): CyberAntani

Abstract: During this talk, after a bit of history of hardware implants, will be presented a new hacking device: USBsamurai. A remotely-controlled USB HID injecting cable that costs less than 10 EUR to produce from off-the-shelf components (a cable and a USB radio transceiver) that can be used to compromise targets remotely (i.e. over a 2.4GHz undetectable protocol) in the stealthiest way ever seen & also bypass Air-Gapped Environments like a boss!

Audience: Offense, Hardware, ICS

Links: https://medium.com/@LucaBongiorni/us...s-4bd47abf8f87

Bio(s): Luca Bongiorni is working as Head of Offensive Security. He is also actively involved in InfoSec where his main fields of research are: Radio Networks, Reverse Engineering, Hardware Hacking, Internet of Things, and Physical Security. He also loves to share his knowledge and present some cool projects at security conferences around the globe.