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  • acetolyne
    commented on 's reply
    It should be available at a later time on the defcon media server but will take them time to get everything on there

  • lost screw
    Sorry I missed it, is there a link?

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  • d4rkm4tter
    Additional presentation times:

    When: Sat 2:00-3:50

    Location: In-Person Demolab 2 and Virtual in #WIFI-KRAKEN-LITE Discord channel

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  • heisenberg505
    started a topic About the Demo

    About the Demo

    Title: The WiFi Kraken Lite

    Discord Channel: #dl-wifi-kraken-lite

    Location: In-person Demolab 2

    When: Fri 10:00 - 11:50

    Presenter(s): Mike Spicer, Henry Hill

    Abstract: D4rkm4tter and Henry have been obsessed with monitoring wireless networks and have built hardware to meet the challenges of scanning and testing in the most busy and client dense environments. The WiFi-Kraken Lite contends with these issues in a smaller package without sacrificing any monitoring performance. This project is the results of years of research into the most effective way to scan and audit wireless in a single box that can be easily deployed or used as a hardened terminal in the most rugged conditions. The WiFi-Kraken Lite consists of a single-board computer which connects 12 wireless radios that enables scanning and auditing WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRaWAN and other commonly used wireless protocols. The number of wireless devices is growing as well as the way those devices are being connected. Having an all-in-one wireless monitoring solution will give you the ability to track this data across these bands and give you the best picture of what’s happening in the air around you. This demonstration will provide you the information so that you can build your own all-in-one monitoring device. You will also gain an overview of capture technologies including Kismet that will help you perform this type of analysis in your own environments. Finally once the data is capture, you will get an understanding of efficient data processing using tools like Wireshark and d4rkm4tter’s own PCAPinator tool.

    Audience: Offense, Defense and Hardware


    Bio(s): Mike Spicer (d4rkm4tter) is a mad scientist hacker who likes to meddle with hardware and software. He is particularly obsessed with wireless. He has a degree in computer science which he has put to use building and breaking a wide array of systems. These include web application pentesting, wireless monitoring and tracking as well as reverse engineering. He is the creator of the #WiFiCactus and has been seen presenting and demoing at a number of conferences including DEF CON. He is a Kismet cultist and active in the wireless and wardriving communities.

    Henry Hill is an expert with computer hardware and is able to design and build the most bleeding edge systems that are the fastest in the world. His internal knowledge of architecture and system bottlenecks help him build systems capable of extreme processing and even faster storage. Henry is also an expert with mechanical engineering and fabrication. When his modifications aren’t appearing in d4rkm4tter’s projects, they can be seen in his race car at the track.