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  • About the Demo

    Title: Zuthaka

    Discord Channel: #dl-zuthaka

    Location: virtual Video 2

    When: Fri 14:00 – 15:50

    Presenter(s): Lucas Bonastre, Alberto Herrera

    Abstract: A collaborative free open-source Command & Control development framework that allows developers to concentrate on the core function and goal of their C2. Zuthaka presents a simplified API for fast and clear integration of C2s and provides a centralized management for multiple C2 instances through a unified interface for Red Team operations.

    Audience: Offensive developers, Red Teamers Operators, C2 Developers


    Bio(s): Lucas started his career studying Mathematics at the University of Buenos Aires, however when his uncle gave him a C++ book, he realized his true passion for programming and his outstanding ability for problem-solving. He worked across cybersecurity and technology firms and is a vetted developer in many languages such as C/C++, Python, Java, and PHP. Now he is a full time developer and security researcher at Pucara Information Security. In his spare time, he is an expert chess player and he is studying AI to analyze foosball strategies.