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    Hi Everyone,

    I have landed in Vegas for the first time and I am super excited to be attending my first DEFCON.

    I can't wait to talk with everyone about some maritime electronics and NMEA 2000.

    Who: thedini
    What: OpenBridge DemoLab
    Where: DemoLab Track 1 (Palace 1+2)
    When: 8/6 @ 1400-1550

    We will be monitoring this forum and DEFCON Discord #dl-open-bridge-simulator to answer questions and help get people started. We are keeping our central repository at:

    The goal is to use that repository to house not only the software and hardware designs but information on how to get started and how CAN, ISO 11783 and NMEA 2000 work.

    I was at the keynote opening for BlackHat yesterday and just wanted to reiterate a theme that they made, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Really nothing we are doing with OpenBridge is all that new or unique, more applying a more educational, accessible and inclusive spin to work that the community has already done. I wanted to take a moment acknowledge the hard work of the maintainers and contributors to:

    CanBoat --

    Timo Lappalainen --

    OpenSkipper --

    Hope to see many people in-person and virtually!

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    Just wanted to update with some slides! Can't wait to see everyone.