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Hello I am very new in this scene. Maybe you guys can help me!

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  • Hello I am very new in this scene. Maybe you guys can help me!

    Hey name's Tony. I was wondering if you guys had any powerpoints or any guides what I need to know before I begin to hack and do the real deal. I am new and fucking motivated!!! I am willing to give 100 precent and willing to sacrifice to learn as much as possible, I'm also a fast learner so that's something good to begin with.

    Lets start with this. Someone is stalking me. I met this guy on PlayStation and he's calling my work now with death threats and hacked into my PSN account. Now I want to reverse hack him. I was wondering if you guys could help me track his exact location on his phone GPS. I got his first name last name and his phone number.

    Appreciated if anyone would reply :)

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    I am also new... need guidance.


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      i am also new i nedd help


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        You both joined within an hour of each other and both ask the same question. If you are interested in help you need to demonstrate you are trying. If you are trying to pad your post counts then you will get banned as spammers.

        So, what have you tried before posting? There are good YouTube videos, tutorial web sites, books, even free courses. Check for other cons and hacking content.

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