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Ham Radio Village and Exams returns to DEF CON 30

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  • Ham Radio Village and Exams returns to DEF CON 30

    Ham Radio Village & Exams
    DC29 Forum:
    Returning for DC30!
    Ham Radio VIllage and Exam Icon

    DEF CON Discord Channel

    Ham radio isn’t just what your grandpa does in the shed out back. Radios are an important piece of technology we use everyday, and amateur (“ham”) radio has been at the forefront of its development since day one -- we are some of the original hardware hackers! DIY, exploration, and sharing has always been a vital part of our community and the goal of Ham Radio Village is to nurture this growth into the next generation with all of the amazing people at DEF CON.

    Our village will have demos, talks, presentations, contests, and of course, license exams!

    So come visit Ham Radio Village to learn more about the hobby, including how antennas work (and how to build your own), how to actually use that software defined radio sitting on the shelf, how to trackdown a rogue transmitter with a handheld radio, and how you can _legally_ transmit 1,500 Watts into the airwaves after taking a simple multiple-choice test!

    One of the unique things about ham radio is that it goes deep into the theory and science of radio. This knowledge unlocks a whole new level of understanding about why and how radios work and radio waves propagate. With just about everything containing some sort of radio these days, this information can help us better research, attack, and defend all things that emit RF. For example: Just about anyone can build an antenna with simple hardware; having an understanding of the fundamentals allows you to troubleshoot and tune the performance of that antenna to pick up the exact signals you want while filtering out the rest.

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    Do you have any idea of the schedule, or at least the day(s) for the Ham Radio exams?

    I would like to know so I can adjust my travel plans if necessary.

    Thank you.


    • number6
      number6 commented
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      I do not run this village or any other contests, events or villages: I just manage forums and create announcements for them.

      It is possible/likely there will be another forum added to these DEF CON Forums with specific information on HAM Radio Testing, but I do not approve contests/events.

      If a new forum were to be added for that as an event, it would likely appear in the contests/events forum as a new forum.

      Again, no guarantees, as I don't approve or run contests, events or villages.

    • InkRF
      InkRF commented
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      Hey Hey Hey,
      The HRV will be having testing on (unofficially) Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
      Keep an eye out on the HRV twitter (@hamradiovillage), or I'll probably comment, once its official (Once I send the details to the powers that be).
      We look forward to seeing you there!
      - InkRF

    • InkRF
      InkRF commented
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      Hey hey hey,

      As an FYI, exam schedules/sign ups are now live, you can see them on the HRV forum node (

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    I would like to sincerely thank the Laurel Amateur Radio Club for sponsoring the Ham Radio Exams at this year's Defcon.