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Packet Hacking Village to return to DEF CON 30

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  • Packet Hacking Village to return to DEF CON 30

    Packet Hacking Village
    DC29 Forum:
    Returning for DC30!
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    DEF CON Discord Channel

    The Packet Hacking Village is where you’ll find network shenanigans and a whole lot more. There’s exciting events, live music, competitions with awesome prizes, and tons of giveaways. PHV welcomes all DEF CON attendees and there is something for every level of security enthusiast from beginners to those seeking a black badge. Wall of Sheep gives attendees a friendly reminder to practice safe computing through strong end-to-end encryption. PHV Speakers, Workshops, and Walkthrough Workshops delivers high quality content for all skill levels. Packet Detective and Packet Inspector offers hands-on exercises to help anyone develop or improve their Packet-Fu. WoSDJCo has some of the hottest DJs at con spinning live for your enjoyment. Finally... Capture The Packet, the ultimate cyber defense competition that has been honored by DEF CON as a black badge event for seven of the eight years of it’s run.
    Disclaimer: I do not run or control any villages, contests, events, parties, etc. at DEF CON. Any announcements or updates about Villages, Contests, Events, Parties, etc. posted by me include content from the people running it. I am not responsible for their content or claims. Any answers provided by me about these are best-effort with information i have available at the time of posting/edit but are NOT authoritative. For official answers, contact the organizers. I grant permission to any DEF CON Forum admins to alter announcements for these as needed.
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