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Packet Hacking Village to return to DEF CON 30

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  • Packet Hacking Village to return to DEF CON 30

    Packet Hacking Village
    DC29 Forum:
    Returning for DC30!
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    Packet Hacking Village

    The Packet Hacking Village is an experience like no other. We are one of the longest-standing DEF CON villages, and we wear that honor with pride. The Packet Hacking Village is a place where everyone can take away some knowledge, whether they are a threat hunter, pentester, or an enthusiastic newcomer. We provide exciting events, live music, competitions with awesome prizes, and learning opportunities for all levels.

    Wall of Sheep

    The Wall of Sheep is an entertaining and interactive demonstration of what happens when network users let their guard down.

    People don’t always think about internet safety in a practical sense. Even seasoned industry professionals get careless and believe that technology will passively protect them. The Wall of Sheep puts these assumptions to the test, and shows that when people let their guard down, anything can happen - and often does.

    We monitor the DEF CON network, waiting for users to log into their email, web sites, or other network services without the protection of encryption. Once found, we post redacted yet identifiable information on the Wall of Sheep as a good-natured reminder that security matters, and someone is always watching.

    Capture The Packet

    The time for those of hardened mettle is drawing near; are you prepared to battle?
    Compete in the world’s most challenging cyber defense competition based on the Aries Security cyber range. Tear through hundreds of bleeding-edge challenges, traverse a hostile enterprise-class network, and diligently analyze the findings to escape unscathed. Glory and prizes await those who emerge victorious from this upgraded labyrinth.

    While Capture The Packet can easily scale for users of every level, for DEF CON we pull out all the stops and present our most fiendishly difficult puzzles. Capture The Packet has been a DEF CON Black Badge event for over 10 years, and we don’t plan on stopping. This event attracts the best of the best from around the world to play – are you ready to show us what you’ve got?

    Packet Detective & Packet Inspector

    DEF CON regularly attracts fresh talent in the Information Security field. Packet Detective and Packet Inspector engage experienced professionals and newcomers alike with hands-on, volunteer supported exercises.

    These challenges promote critical thinking, teach core security tools, build professional cybersecurity skillsets, and inspire attendees towards larger Capture The Flag (or Packet!) style events.

    Packet Detective and Packet Inspector are a great way for folks of all experience levels to learn under the eye of our skilled volunteers. Whether it’s time to brush up on skills or time to launch a new career, this is the best place to start.

    Walkthrough Workshops

    Walkthrough Workshops offer hands-on training at a self-guided pace. In these workshops, attendees take a deep dive into some of the most relevant subjects in cybersecurity with subject matter experts standing by to assist. Every year we bring new topics to the table, and our team of experts from all walks of life provide mentoring to guide the way.


    At the Packet Hacking Village, we work hard to create a unique mood and vibe. The Wall of Sheep DJ Company (WoSDJCo) brings music and atmosphere into the mix. Our goal is to help everyone have a good time while staying entertained and motivated. Stop by and enjoy the smooth beats and deep vibes of musical hackery.

    The Packet Hacking Village is where you’ll find network shenanigans and a whole lot more. There’s exciting events, live music, competitions with awesome prizes, and tons of giveaways. PHV welcomes all DEF CON attendees and there is something for every level of security enthusiast from beginners to those seeking a black badge. Wall of Sheep gives attendees a friendly reminder to practice safe computing through strong end-to-end encryption. PHV Speakers, Workshops, and Walkthrough Workshops delivers high quality content for all skill levels. Packet Detective and Packet Inspector offers hands-on exercises to help anyone develop or improve their Packet-Fu. WoSDJCo has some of the hottest DJs at con spinning live for your enjoyment. Finally... Capture The Packet, the ultimate cyber defense competition that has been honored by DEF CON as a black badge event for seven of the eight years of it’s run.
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