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  • ArcticCon

    Anyone going to ArcticCon? I bought my ticket yesterday.

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    I like the name! Now to hunt for the URL to their site.
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    DC907 Anchorage, Alaska USA

    About this Group

    Location: Anchorage, Alaska USA

    Point of Contact: Steve Sedotto

    POC Email:

    Website: pending

    DC907 Meets: Ideally, we will be meeting at the Anchorage Makerspace, but are looking at getting some interest driven first. If this does not work out, there are plenty of coffee shops in the local area where everybody can take turns giving a talk on what their interests are.

    Description: DC907 started in 2019. The Anchorage information security scene was missing a local meetup where interested professionals and hobbyists alike could meet. Currently, the starter is looking for additional leaders to help with structuring and organization.

    Cool Things about Us: We live in the greatest state and have a great community of infosec personnel with no outlet or way to help spread knowledge.
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