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Chinese Game Mahjong - Play Mahjong With Four Players

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  • Chinese Game Mahjong - Play Mahjong With Four Players

    Game mahjong or simply mahjong is a multi-player tile-based game was developed in China sometime in the late 19th century and has now spread all over the world. It's commonly played by four people. Mahjong is played with a tiles on a board and the player that has the most tiles at the end wins. The game is simple enough so that almost any one can learn it and play it well.

    When playing mahjong, you must be aware of the joker which is always present in the game. The joker is the person who offers you the option to take one tile from your stack if you would be holding a particular card but only if you have three other cards. This means that the person with the joker will always have a stronger hand compared to the rest of the players. With this, you should be wise enough to know when to take advantage of this and when to fold your hand.

    The four players game mahjong involves a lot of luck as well. It's not uncommon for players to double up on their bets especially when there are more opponents around. When this happens, it can be very frustrating particularly when there are a lot of rounds left. Four players game mahjong can be challenging and entertaining but you have to have some strategy and planning as well in order to succeed in this Chinese game mahjong. The key to enjoying this game is having the right strategies and techniques in playing.

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    My grandmother had a very nice carved (ivory I assume) :( Mahjong(g) set and we used to play it when we were young. I don't remember what happened to that set after her passing.


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      User banned for spamming, not for the top post.


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        I have joined a Mahjong event that meets for three hours every other week. I am learning Chinese Mahjong which has no jokers. I have not been able to find out how to deal the tiles at the beginning of the game. I don't know what the dead wall is or how it's formed. I've only played one time. Can anyone advise me on this?