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DCG5551 Porto Alegre, Brazil Virtual Meetup November 27-28!

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DC5551 Porto Alegre, Brazil

About this Group

Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Point of Contact: Rob

POC Email:

Website: pending

DC5551 Meets: at the city’s hackerspace, Matehackers, in Villa Flores Culture House
(Address: Rua Hoffman, 447 - Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil).

Description: We have a person of contact, but we actually don’t have any strict structure, we are just a group that gathers to speak and to do stuff related with security. The PoC usually helps setting the meetings, bringing subjects and supporting people that wants to speak or organize activities.

Interests: Application Security, Bug Hunting, Software Engineering, FLOSS, Privacy, Freedom from Oppression, Threat Modelling for Civilians, Workshops and Knowledge Exchange. We don’t have the equipment for Hardware Security Research, but if you want to join be our guest :).

Projects: Currently working to offer free workshops on Privacy for Non-technical people (we’re a crazy bunch of people wanting to help non-technical ones to be safe).
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