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HDA ( Hackers With Disabilities ) for DEFCON 30

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  • HDA ( Hackers With Disabilities ) for DEFCON 30


    HDA is alive and well and preparing for DEFCON 30! We met some amazing people last year, and helped improve and locate issues that are of concerns to ADA needs of DEFCON attendees.


    If you are planning a village, and want help designing your area to ensure ADA access
    If you are disabled and have questions about ANYTHING related to DEFCON
    If you are traveling with, assisting a person with ADA needs and have questions about DEFCON
    If you have suggestions or have notice something that should be brought to our attention

    Please utilize the forums, contact Delchi directly, or join us on twitter at @HDA_DEFCON

    Our goal is to make the DEFCON experience the best it can be for people with ADA requirements.

    See you in August!!

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    Hello, this is Baru.


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      Originally posted by Baru View Post
      Hello, this is Baru.
      Hello! Welcome!


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        My last Def Con I attended was DC27. I am not sure what assistance available. I use a cane to remain upright walking, particularly navigating in crowds. In 2019 the spreading across the hotels actually helped reduce my getting run into by someone running the halls for a talk, workshop, etc. But I did find it very difficult to make my way through and back the strip sidewalk crowd between the hotels. The up and over for Flamingo Road didn't help. I don't know if there are plans to better keep the villages close to each other. There's a lot of synergy between the Cryptography and Privacy village and the Application Security village, for instance. Is there any potential for scheduled transport between hotels?


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          It is being discussed, but there is noting solid right now. Have you considered renting a scooter from your hotel?