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  • IoT Village Hacking CTF

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    IoT Village Hacking CTF - (the CTF formally known as SOHOplessly Broken)

    IoT Village Hacking CTF is hosted in IoT Village, teams of 1-6 players access a local network filled with IoT devices primed to be exploited. You will compete against others by successfully exploiting real IoT products and finding the hidden flags in each. The hacking contest features more than 30 real-world, vulnerable IoT devices.

    This event has been redesigned to include challenges which highlight tangible impacts when exploiting real vulnerabilities on real IoT devices. Hidden in the network are devices which require advanced skills to exploit or require creative attack chaining to find the flag. Players will encounter unique hacking scenarios like, exfiltrating files off a NAS to find “clues” or bypassing a router firewall to access a camera on a hidden network to “see” a flag. Prepare to outwit, see, sneak, move, and listen your way through these hidden scenarios which have a cyber-physical effect.

    The IoT devices in the contest are not simulated and do not contain contrived/made-up vulnerabilities. Competitors must figure out what real-world vulnerabilities exist in these devices and exploit them to get a shell and find the flag. This is what makes the IoT Village CTF special.

    This 3-time DEF CON Black Badge awarded contest CTF is open to anyone! Our contest provides a wonderful experience to learn more about security and test your skills, and the IoT CTF provides the most realistic hacking experience around!

    A few devices are approachable for entry level people to experience getting their first root shell, but to win this CTF your team must perform detailed network reconnaissance, lateral pivoting, vulnerability research, hardware hacking, firmware analysis, reverse engineering, and exploit development.

    So, join a team (or even by yourself) and compete for fun and prizes! Exploit as many as you can during the con and the top three teams will be rewarded.
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    Excellent. Can you advise the venue and date/time, and how to join this event?


    • number6
      number6 commented
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      Villages are generally open during DEF CON, usually on Friday and Saturday. Contests sometimes start earlier than DEF CON, but usually start during DEF CON.

      I do not run this contests, or any other contests, events, villages, parties, etc.; I provide information as it is passed to me.

      For more details, you can hope an organizer of this contest stops by to reply to this, or you can check their website and/or twitter feed:


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    Thanks number6