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After 2 years virtual and one in person, we’d like to return to stage for our 4th year where this contest shines best. Hack3r Runw@y brings out all the sheek geeks out there. It encourages rethinking fashion in the eyes of hackers. Be it smartwear, LED additions, obfuscation, cosplay or just everyday wear using fabrics and textures that are familiar to the community. Contestants can enter clothing, shoes, jewelry, hats or accessories. If it can be worn, it is perfect for the runway. For convenience, contestants can enter the contest with designs made ahead of the conference, however it needs to be made by them and not just store bought.

Awards will be handed out in 4 categories and one trophy for the People’s Choice category where the winner is anyone’s guess:
  • Digital wearable - LED, electronic, passive
  • Smart wear - interactive, temperature sensing, mood changing, card skimmers, etc
  • Aesthetics and More - 3d printed, geeky wear, passive design, obfuscation, cosplay
  • Functional wear - did you bling out your mask and/or shield, have a hazmat suit, lock pick earrings, cufflinks shims

Winners will be selected based on, but no limited to:
  • Uniqueness
  • Trendy
  • Practical
  • Couture
  • Creativity
  • Relevance
  • Originality
  • Presentation
  • Mastery