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Ancient warriors used tattoos as a means of indicating rank in battle; it was the sort of mark that told the tales of their various conquests - their struggles and triumphs. Similarly, traversing the halls of DEF CON, one can see more modern versions manifesting as stickers - especially on laptops and other electronic equipment.

The DEF CON art contest showcases art of many different forms - wallpapers etc. However, there is not presently a medium for expression that is more portable and ubiquitous in hacker culture, especially at DEF CON. Just like DEF CON usually bundles stickers in its conference schedule booklet, which ends up on a majority of laptops and other devices of attendees, the winning entry in this contest could be either added to that list of stickers, or sold standalone as swag.

We use stickers to break the ice with strangers, as a barter currency, to tell the tales of our struggles and triumphs. After all, is a hacker really a hacker without a laptop adorned with these markings?

Here's your chance to be part of hacker culture, by creating something that people around the world will treasure and proudly display. Submit original artwork in the theme of the con, that you believe best exemplifies hacker culture, that will be used as printed stickers.

On your marks... Make your mark.

- The contest is open to artists of any age, in any country.
- Please submit a PNG file of no more than 6 inches x 6 inches (or 4096 px x 4096 px), any shape inside these dimensions is acceptable.
- Artwork can be an original painting, drawing, photo, computer generated illustration or screen print.
- Artwork must be original/copyright-free - please do not include copyrighted content in your submissions.

Submissions must be made via email (
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