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    Originally posted by Natz
    like i know cat5e is like 300 and some feet but how far should i run this stuff? i also know that coaxial has no limit
    well, the max is 300 feet between nodes; figure in patch cables and loss for every connector in between passive points, this max drops quickly. of course coaxial has limits. someone needs to read their networking 101 books again

    as for the antenna, is there a reason why you want it on your roof (ie line of sight, etc)? how far is your friends house?
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      the linksys sgnal booster doesnt boost the range of the signal but its potency or power, says it on the box. not in those words however.

      the reason why i want the antenna on my roof is due to the amount of trees in my area. foliage can cut down on signal strenght horribly if i remember correctly. i live on a hill and hopefully will be moving to the top of it soon. if this goes through i will be checking up on radio wave broadcasting codes and if i can i wanna boost the strength and set up a nice omni antenna up there. ill get an awesome spread by looking at how they throw the signal up and then out.


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        still how far away is the client that you wan connected to your ap?... do you plan on serving your neighborhood?... you shouldn't overdo the power since it brings on issues of interference and your neighbors will be bitching...


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          haha well i want to use a cantenaa for him and setup a parabolic dish on my roof. if i get a strong enough signal and stuff i would like to go and try to see how far over town i can broadcast. it would definetly not be perminent. to many moochers round here.