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  • CANCELED: Alpac@tack

    [This contest has been canceled]


    Alpac@tack is an interactive defense simulation suite, which challenges participants to apply a wide variety of tools, knowledge and problem-solving skills to assess network and log activity, and build threat intelligence in a honeypot environment.

    Unlike most Defcon contests, Alpac@tack provides a unique opportunity for participants to develop and hone a more holistic skill set when it comes to threat assessment. Other contests will focus on breaking machines or defending systems from a particular threat, where Alpac@tack presents a leveled-up experience and challenges attendees to evaluate whether the honeypot is under attack, and if so, by what.

    Teams achieve success during the contest by expeditiously analyzing activity and accurately identifying threats. Every team will be presented with a graph and a set of tools––the game platform––including Wireshark, Suricata, Velociraptor, and Wazuh, which will act as their source of truth for analyzing network and logging activity in the honeypot. The graph will update every 5 seconds, reflecting events and packets on ports and services. Participant teams must then select and leverage the appropriate tools to investigate and determine whether the incident is a benign anomaly or an attack. For each event and packet cataloged in the game platform, the team submits a report classifying the activity.

    While Alpac@tack is designed for players with some degree of literacy in defense systems, we will offer an associated workshop to provide an overview of the relevant systems and technologies the day prior to the contest with the goal of lowering the barrier to entry. So, if you’re a beginner––or just a little rusty––don’t be discouraged! Alpac@tack is for you!

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    This contest has been canceled. Strikeout has been used to allow text to be searchable but also indicate it has been canceled.