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    [for future image, icon or banner]

    The DEFCON MUD is a virtual world that is remade every year for various conferences. Be prepared to enter into a virtual text based game in the style of zork.

    Specifically the DEFCON MUD is an LPMUD, a mud programmed in the language of LPC which is an interpreted C variant.

    Complete quests, discover challenges, find out about parties.

    Feeling creative, write an area and submit it to the game, there will be an SDK.

    The complete connection details will be available at

    The MUD will open to the public at 0005 11 August 2022.

    Download Mudlet, dust off your tintin++ scripts, and get ready for an old school challenge. Good luck, you will need it.

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    A MUD, Multi User Dungeon, Text Based Game, shenanigans from times of old. Telnet, its not just on port 23 any more. The DEFCON MUD is a text based adventure, reforged year after year. This year there will be 2x challenges.

    The first set of challenges comes from our collaboration with AND!XOR, and will be running on a MUD, for more details check out or connect with mudlet to on port 5000 (non TLS). Additional MUDs will be published throughout DEFCON, details will be published on as well as in the discord.

    Previous years DEFCON MUD's with changes are published on port 4000 (non TLS), and There will be a MUD area creation competition with details published at the contest booth.

    A version of Mudlet will be pushed to the DEFCON Media server which has the MUD's preloaded.

    Various events will be run throughout DEFCON on the various MUDs, these events will unlock AND!XOR vending machine codes, as well as add points to the ctf.


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      Updates, we will have a total of 3x MUD's operating. CTF details still TBD. So far we have the following MUDS:
      1. Cheeseworld, 100% cheese puns, code last working in 2006 and written sometime in 1996 port 3000 (non TLS)
      2. CoreMUD Shenanigans Edition, a clone of a company mining colony on the edge of space, parody of 90's sci-fi, now with 100% permadeath port 6000 (TLS)
      3. DEFCON 30 MUD (Really the DEFCON 28 MUD), look I got lazy and reused the same mud, new challenges are being hidden in there port 4000 (non TLS)

      Finally we have the DEFCON MUD Area making competition.

      Also we will be running events like lasercore (laser tag in coremud), as well as other shifty events.