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Hallway Synthcon - the Synths In The Hall

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  • Hallway Synthcon - the Synths In The Hall

    Hi everybody,

    Last year I brought my modular synthesizer rack and set up and played in a random hallway every night. Had a great time last year and some people mentioned they would have joined in if they knew. So, here's your notice:
    Come hang out in some random hall and bring your custom built analog modular synthesizer racks. If you're krazy it can be kosmo format but that 5U stuff is big and heavy, so of course eurorack is ok too! We'll find a power outlet and jack into each others' racks as long as our patch cables can cross enough HP of modules! Fair warning: My rack speaks only analog voltage (i.e., no MIDI) so your fancy digital music app probably can't talk to my stuff. However, I can't speak for other people and their racks so YMMV :)

    This is BYOB, BYORack, BYO everything. We're just going to meetup and talk/play synth. Hit me up on discord I guess, eg0n#4024.

    For DEFCON attendees who have not yet started building their modular synthesizers, you are welcome to stop by and tweak my knobs and make laser beam sounds if you want. Find us somewhere in some hallway making electronic music and come say hi.

    TL;DR - bring your modular synthesizer to defcon

    Looking forward to seeing your racks!

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    YES. it was a party last year and we only had a pair of tiny portable speakers. gonna have to up our game this year. i am dragging a few kosmo cases and maybe some defcon-specific modules hehehe

    Can't wait to see what other stuff y'all bring! Last year someone showed up with an audio reactive motorcycle helmet and we had some furry friends jamming on the laser theremin.

    heckseven#6413 on discord


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      this sounds really fun. i'll bring my rig Furiosa. This is the current build, but i might need to get some upgrades before the con.


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        nibb13 That's a solid rig. It can't be understated how much fun the DFAM alone can be. Can't wait to see it. We'll have some stickers to hand out too.