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  • minga
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  • number6
    started a topic Crack me if you can

    Crack me if you can

    Crack Me If You Can

    Forum User Contact: @minga

    In its 13th year, the premiere password cracking contest
    "CrackMeIfYouCan" is back again to challenge the world's best
    password crackers. The contest is broken up into Pro and Street
    teams - so 'take a chill pill' if you are new to password cracking
    (and don't have jigowatts of GPU power), there is still plenty of
    fun to be had. We've spent all year coming up with password-related
    challenges for our Pro teams that are DaBomb! So listen up home
    skillet, come see us in the Villages area where we will have some
    hella nice professional password crackers who are all that, and a
    bag of chips!

    This year's contest is going to be totally radical! We are like,
    totally psyched to be partnering with the Password Village this
    year. I kid you not, the contest is going to be so easy that even an
    airhead or a jock could crack these passwords! PYSCH! The challenges
    are going to be bodacious and like totally dope. This year, it is not
    about wordlists, rules, patterns, or about forensics. In the past
    we've asked our teams how passwords have changed over time... now
    we are going to ask them to go back, to the future of password
    cracking. Like, totally.
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