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CANCELED Maxine Filcher - BLE Security and GATT Exploitation

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  • CANCELED Maxine Filcher - BLE Security and GATT Exploitation

    Maxine Filcher - BLE Security and GATT Exploitation

    Training description:

    Combining past BLE talks and workshops into a comprehensive 2-day course,
    aimed at giving pentesters and security professionals hands-on experience
    with BLE security and GATT exploitation. This course hopes to give
    students a better understanding of the BLE protocol and the security
    issues that can be found in everyday products and devices.

    Student skill level:

    Intermediate, students should be comfortable with Linux and Wireshark.

    Course overview:

    Day 1
    1. The Basics of BLE
    2. Introduction to GATT
    3. Nordic nRF 52840 Dongle & DK
    4. RPi with Lineage OS
    5. Firmware and Software install
    6. Nordic BLE Sniffer for Wireshark

    Day 2
    7. Scanning Operations
    8. Enumerating Targets and Services
    9. Conducting Attacks Part 1
    10. Conducting Attacks Part 2
    11. Open BLE CTF /
    12. BLE CTF Wrap Up and Class Questions

    What should students bring to the Training?:

    - An android device.
    - Laptop with Linux
    - Raspberry Pi 4 with 32GB+ Micro SD card


    Freqy is a security engineer and researcher with a particular interest in
    wireless technologies like BLE, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, etc. She has spent the past
    few years working with companies to help improve the wireless security of
    devices found in millions of homes and businesses.

    Trainer(s) social media links:

    DATE:Aug 15th to 16th 2022
    TIME:9am to 5pm PDT
    VENUE:Caesars Forum Ballroom
    TRAINER:Maxine Filcher

    - 16 hours of training with a certificate of completion for some classes
    - COVID safety: Masks required for indoor training
    - Note: Classes that do not meet their minimum class size by July 15 will be canceled, please register early
    - Note: Food is NOT included

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