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unblob - towards efficient firmware extraction - Kaiser, Lukavsky

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  • unblob - towards efficient firmware extraction - Kaiser, Lukavsky

    unblob - towards efficient firmware extraction - Kaiser, Lukavsky
    A tool to obtain content binary blobs

    unblob - towards efficient firmware extraction

    Quentin Kaiser, Florian Lukavsky

    Unblob is a command line extraction tool to obtain content from any kind of binary blob. It has been initially developed for the sound and safe extraction of arbitrary firmware images. It has been built as a modular framework where anyone can develop and submit new format handlers and extractors. Its public version already supports a large number of filesystems, archive, and compression formats:

    Quentin Kaiser is an ex-penetration tester who turned binary analysis nerd. He's currently working as a security researcher at the ONEKEY Research Lab, where he focuses on binary exploitation of embedded devices and bug finding automation within large firmware. Florian Lukavsky started his hacker career in early ages, bypassing parental control systems. Since then, he has reported numerous zero-day vulnerabilities responsibly to software vendors and has conducted hundreds of pentests and security reviews of IoT devices as a CREST certified, ethical hacker. Today, Florian Lukavsky aid organizations with IoT security automation as CTO of ONEKEY, the leading European platform for automated security analyses of IoT firmware.

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    Check out unblob's documentation, which includes a detailed user guide and installation guide at