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QR Code for Defcon 30 DCG 320

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  • QR Code for Defcon 30 DCG 320

    QR Code for advertising the site that redirects to here.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Defcon 30 DCG320 QR Code.png
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    Higher quality


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      Attachment appears to result in , CLI session shows connection to previous URL leads that server to HTTP/302 reply with . Visit to show complaint over server using a self-signed host cert which uses RSA 2048 bit, but SigAlg of sha512WithRSAEncryption. Content on non-https web pages appears to be a default place-holder to be replaced later?

      How does this relate to DEF CON or DCG? Are you still working on the web site?
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      DCG320 - St. Cloud, Minnesota

      About this Group

      Summary and Leadership Structure
      Formed after DC29 in preparation for DC30. Several Con-Goers discovered each other via Discord during Con and at Airport and decided to form a DCG to be more prepared and organized for future cons.

      Monthly virtual meetings via Discord. Attendance is taken and email announcements are made the day before the meeting. Attendance is used for membership ranking. Rank takes priority at events with limited seating.

      Areas of Special Interest
      Hardware, Radio, Locks, and security.

      Current Projects
      Badge, Wifi, NFC, and Lulsec

      Cool Things About Us:
      We are from Minnesota and are fully funded by local IT companies. We get to enjoy the latest in technology and gadgets. 3d Printers, Lasers, and hardware gadgets.

      Contact Info:
      Point of Contact: Blake Thoennes, blake.thoennes {ax} gmail (dot) com
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