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Packet Sender demo slot is Friday 8/12 at Noon

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  • Packet Sender demo slot is Friday 8/12 at Noon

    Hi everybody,

    Please come find in the Accord ballroom at Caesars Forum:
    Friday Aug 12, Noon to 2pm.

    I will be demoing Packet Sender ( non-stop for the roughly 2 hours, with a few minutes to spare so the next person can set up.

    I have a lot of demos to show you!

    I plan to work though all my demos and then jump right back to the beginning to show them for anybody that came in later. Feel free to ask me any questions.

    Looking forward to it!

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    Looks interesting. /me will plan to be there.


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      Hi Dan,

      About how long is one complete cycle of demos?


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        Am I blind, or on drugs, or going prematurely blonde? I can't seem to find the Accord Ballroom on that map. I do see Academy and Alliance ballrooms, however. Is it one of those?

        Originally posted by Dan Nagle View Post
        Hi everybody,

        Please come find in the Accord ballroom at Caesars Forum:


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          dmr See image for location. The Accord ballroom is 2nd from the right at the bottom in the Demo Labs area:Click image for larger version

Name:	packetsender-demolabslocation.png
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          watermelon If I move fast, 30min. If I take questions, 45min. I plan to bring bonus demos if there are no questions.


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            Okay, I see it now, thanks. It's shown as Boardroom, not Ballroom, also, so I wasn't looking for that.


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              Our demo is in the Accord boardroom too, on the next day! I took a look at your website; what a neat utility. Looking forward to checking out your packet sender demo on Friday.


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                cass Excellent. I look forward to meeting you. Bring lots of questions!

                ALL: These are my demos:
                1. Packet Sender GUI and CLI walkthrough
                  Covering the major components: creating packets, saving packets, sending packets, logging packets. I will point out some important settings, and I will also cover some often overlooked features that could be useful to you. This demo works better with internet access, but we will manage if that is not available.
                2. Reverse-engineering a network application and IoT device
                  This demo is on an isolated network. I will show how Packet Sender can be used alongside Wireshark to reverse-engineer and extend an existing application. This is the main demo as it is an actual task. I will also cover some low-level networking basics.

                  At this point, I estimate we will hit 45min.
                3. (Time permitting) Reverse-engineering malware
                  If there is time, I can further use Packet Sender + Wireshark to capture malware that I placed on the IoT player.

                  I estimate this puts me at 1 hour, and it is time for me to restart to make sure I have time to redo Demo 1 and Demo 2
                4. (Time permitting) Packet Sender deeper dive
                  If my estimations are way off and there is still more time, I can show some of Packet Sender's features I originally skipped over. This includes: Panel Generator with scripting, HTTP(S) GET/POST client support, the intense traffic generator (the GUI and the CLI versions), smart responses with macros, etc.
                If I don't make it to Part 4, I will still be around if you have questions about it. I may have to leave the room to continue discussing. I can also jump around some during the demo if there is a particular item you want covered.

                I'm really looking forward to this!


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                  Thank you everybody that came to my demo at DEF CON. If you have any questions, you can find me here: