As the title suggests, I'm looking for project ideas. Basically anything red/blue team, hacking, server management, data engineering, and so on. I provided screenshots of the names of books I got as bundles that I'm slowly making my way through. These titles should give enough of an idea exactly what I mean.

Reason for asking is basically few weeks ago spoke to a guy on a coach who's in the IT industry for more than 20 years, in a senior position. He helped me figure out what I should be working on to better my chances of finding employment easier. One of the major sticking points was to do stuff in my own time as proof I am actually interested in IT and self motivated to keep learning and progressing.

While I have the learning part, I got more than enough books to get through, I need to have some sort of projects to be like "I did this, I did that".

I'm just asking for ideas, and if you have somewhere for me to start from, that'd be very helpful. Be that a community, forum post, videos, whatever. Optional, but would be appreciated.

Note: I had some people elsewhere suggest game mods. I don't mean game mods. To me they have nothing to do with security, and are much more in the direction of game design. Even when I had no real idea what cybersecurity entails, I knew gaming was irrelevant. I appreciate the sentiment, but not what I'm looking for.

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