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D0 N0 H4RM: A Healthcare Security Conversation

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  • D0 N0 H4RM: A Healthcare Security Conversation

    Presentation Title:
    D0 N0 H4RM: A Healthcare Security Conversation

    Christian “quaddi” Dameff MD, Physician & Medical Director of Cyber Security at The University of California San Diego
    Jeff “r3plicant” Tully MD, Anesthesiologist at The University of California San Diego
    Joshua Corman
    Alissa Knight, Hacker & principal analyst at Alissa Knight & Associates
    Seeyew Mo, Senior Cybersecurity, Tech, National Security Fellow
    Ayan Islam, R-Street Institute

    Hackers in healthcare have come a long way from the days of the Manifesto. There is no longer apathy amongst the powerful - baby food has been replaced with steak. Hackers are making medical devices safer for patients. Hackers are protecting hospitals from ransomware. Hackers are writing policy and guiding regulation. This is cause for celebration- and where better to throw down than DEF CON 30?

    Let’s face it- the last couple of years have been doom and gloom, and while attacks on hospitals continue to increase at record pace, and the promise of new medical technologies is equally matched with some terrifying security implications (Neuralink, call us), we really do need to stand back and appreciate where we’ve come from, because only then can we put into perspective what we still need to do.

    D0 No H4rm returns to DEF CON to once again give you the chance to interface directly with some of the biggest names in a domain that just keeps growing in importance. Moderated by physician hackers quaddi and r3plicant, this perennially packed event - with a heavily curated panel of policy badasses, elite hackers, and seasoned clinicians - always fills up fast. So if you want to protect patients, build a safer and more resilient healthcare system, and meet some incredible new friends, then join us. And welcome home.
    August 13, 2022 20:00
    August 13, 2022 23:00
    Policy Department - Collaboratorium
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