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  • DC30 badge

    It seems to have a JTAG/SWD connector spot, and one for a 6 wire connector, serial? E
    usb? Eth? Also a jumper under the cover that holds the speaker on.

    When you connect it to a computer it reports and ID in her that could be an ethernet address. Windows detects it as a USB composition device and 3 software devices, one of which may be a game controller using the buttons on the badge.

    Request: any info on making the badge a host for a mass storage device. Please! I need it for my presentations...

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    Just started playing with it. Did a few simple tunes. That's all, folks!


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      If you hold right while booting you get a key test mode.
      If you hold the down button during boot it identifies as a mass storage device and seems to allow loading a new rpi firmware.


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        You can also read/dump either the program memory or the whole flash contents with picotool as well while in BOOTSEL/mass storage mode: