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Sell Drives for Data Duplication Village at Defcon

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  • Sell Drives for Data Duplication Village at Defcon

    Do you think I could bring like 10 drives to data duplcation village to sell at defcon a lot of people want the stuff but dont bring drives.

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    At DEF CON 30, the DDV announced on Satuday, Aug 13, 2022 at 12:09PM PDT: URL=
    "Last chance to drop off drives! There’s still time to get the bits by Sunday at 10!"
    "(Last drop off time is 3:00 today)"

    From that, no more drives are being accepted and it is too late for people to buy drives to get them imaged at DC30.

    If your question is about DC31, then you would need to run through the vendor process: State of Nevada is very interested in sales of goods or services being taxed, so they have a process for anyone selling stuff in Las Vegas to register their sales. They require data even from "non-profit orgs" to report sales and those orgs often have to be registered.

    If you are proposing skipping that process, it is best not to advertise your intentions on a public site like this. Please don't admit to any intention to commit crimes here: it is bad for everyone.

    Look for the "call for vendors" preceding DC31. It could go out as early as October of this year. Many things start several months before DEF CON, and can close several months before DEF CON starts. Plan early!


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      Ok that sounds like a lot of work nvm thanks!