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  • New DC206 (Seattle, WA)

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Billy, I am from Seattle and I am new to DEF CON (I have attended the past two conferences [DC29, DC30]). I searched for a local DEF CON Group within my area but it appears that the group that originally existed (DC206) is now defunct.

    Would anyone in the Seattle area be interested in re-launching a new DC206 group? I'd love to get a group together to network and meet up between cons.
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    I'm down, and around. 30 was my first in-person. It was awesome, and I look forward to being more active.
    I met a good on my flight to DC30, and he told me that DC253 is active and gave me a sticker. ;)
    That might also be a good second home.


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      100% down. I am in Belltown.


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        I am not one of the DCG Coordinators, and have no knowledge f the status of each of these, but:
        * DC509 : : Wenatchee, Washington USA
        * DC509.2 : : Wenatchee, Washington USA
        ​* DC206 : : ​ Redmond, Washington USA
        * DC360 : : Mt. Vernon, Washington USA
        * DC253 : : Tacoma, Washington USA

        None of these are Seattle, but a problem with larger cities like Seattle is finding a central location where everyone can meet for cheap/free and support presentations with opportunities for nearby food, or snacking options nearby to allow for post-meeting, or pre-meeting socializing/mixing.

        If you get no response from DCG close enough and want to form your own, consider contacting DCG coordinators to start the process of hosting meetings by email:
        dcgroups (at)

        Be aggressive and assertive in this process. It can take some time to get a new group included on the forums, and things for DCG Coordinators are changing to try to make the on-boarding process and support for ideas and suggestions or ideas on running meetings. There are hopes that many of these things will finish transitioning in a month or two.

        Ask a DCG coordinator about how to let people know about your group. Maybe they will suggest to contact the other nearby DCG to ask them to let people know about the new DCG, or include announcements in social media.

        Again, I am not a DCG coordinator and I do not speak for them.

        If you have space to run meetings, why not propose a location and meeting date/time to see when and where people can travel to attend. Maybe a place near cheap parking and/or mass transit of your area.

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