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Redteam village?

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  • The Dark Tangent
    Thank you for the feedback. We will be adjusting the layout for sure next year now that we know how the space flows, how the fire marshall evaluates our applications, and how much space villages utilized. DC30 was the closest we have been to a pre-COVID conference in years and it was hard to plan without a good idea of attendance.

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  • Perciville
    started a topic Redteam village?

    Redteam village?

    Had an absolute blast at DC30 but I feel that the red team village should have been hosted elsewhere due to the que con that occurred outside. That is my only suggestion towards 31.This is from the perspective of someone who went to the red team village once when there was next to no que in the short amount of time that window opened, I do however feel that this should be taken into account. Also while I’m here I just want to say Thankyou to all that hosted and helped the event happen, your goons were great!