First off thanks to everyone who helped make this year's HDA a huge success in making DEF CON Awesomely Accessible! Responses, feedback, critiques and thank-yous are being tallied and looked in to to make next year even better!

As this will be the 4th year of HDA ( and my 5th year as a Goon! ) I am calling it HDA4. Plans within plans are already forming to bring us together again.

- Volunteers! Many people asked about how to become a volunteer to help out HDA. This is a great idea, but it must be thought out, structured, and blessed by DT before anyone can jump in and become part of HDA. The truth is that everyone should be part of HDA in that they openly accept, welcome and assist any attendees with disabilities at all times during DEF CON. I am working on a process to bring people in to HDA and assist as we have three properties to cover and only one me! Stay tuned!

- HDA Party! Having worked in the party department of DEF CON , and thrown several major parties over the years such as THE GATHERING, THE GATHERING II , and the off-site party at Krave nightclub on the strip I am excited at the prospect of a HDA party. I want HDA to have a gathering place the showcase the contributions of HDA and ADA in the community. Do you have any suggestions on how to do this? Drop them below!

- HDA meetup Not everyone wants a large scale party, and I get that. A smaller meetup can be had for a more relaxed and chill meeting of the minds.

- HDA Swag The Grab Bag of Stickers was a hit this year, along with the pins , stickers and other bits dedicated to HDA. I want to expand for next year. Suggestions ?

- HDA Fundraising A lot of things that HDA does cost money. For the most part I pay for these things out of pocket, or by generous donations from people like Weld Pond of L0pht Heavy Industries. I am looking into getting sponsors , and being properly set up to be supported so that we can keep up things like reserved seating cards, signage, and bring talent to the HDA party. More news to come!

Comments? Suggestions? Drop em here , and help spread the word that HDA4 is coming to town!

- D