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Cash Registration Receipt with my Name on It

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  • Cash Registration Receipt with my Name on It

    For reimbursement purposes, my company is asking for a receipt for the cash registration, with my name on it.
    So, the official receipt ( was not accepted.

    Is there anyone I can email, in order to get such a receipt?

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    Did you do preregistration or pay cash? Pregistration receipt has the attendee's name.


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      I missed the preregistration deadline and had to pay cash.


      • number6
        number6 commented
        Editing a comment
        It is a digital document, so you could open it up in an editor and add your name. This is what you are asking someone at DEF CON to do for you, but it would mean a digital trail of your name included in the request in an email or other correspondence. DEF CON works to try to prefer to avoid saving information about users: there is nothing for feds to take away, if we don't have and don't collect anything for them to take away.

        If using an editor is beyond your ability or not possible with the tools you have or can acquire, but you have access to a printer, you could print a page with the receipt and then re-feed that same sheet into the printer and then use a word processor to type your name somewhere on the page as shown on the screen where it would align in print-out in a blank space on the printed receipt and then print onto the printed receipt page.

        Are you able to apply your own hacking skills to edit the existing receipt to add your name to it?
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