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  • Urban bug out bags...

    Not that I see any additional white vans, or black helicopters in the neighborhood (other than the ones already there), I was curious what items you would want in a bug out bag other than whats listed below.

    This is assuming that the infrastructure is working fine, and there's no national emergencies in progress. What would you need to go Elvis for a few weeks, or until John Walsh features you on America's Most Wanted. :)

    * Small backpack, hydration system
    * Pre-paid anonymous cell phone
    * Laptop
    * Wireless card
    * Ethernet card
    * Cables
    * Encryption software
    * First-aid kit
    * Handheld ham radio
    * TNC
    * Small knife
    * Energy bars

    (Your suggestion here....)
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    well let me state the issues with your current items before suggesting a few...

    Not too sure where you would be traveling through, other than being an urban area...

    But the backpack would have to be large enough to carry all the things you are listing... which isn't too small. At least the size of a targus computer bag, with decent back support, ventilation and padding. You can get a camel hydration system and add it to the backpack without looking too out of the norm (again depending on where you are and going through). Also depending on the duration you would want cleaners for your hydration pack, and probably an extra tube and bag in case they crack or tear... so throw in some bacteria killers so you don't die from dysentery in case you need to get water from an unknown source..

    not too sure about the anon cell phone, since I have a few of these and you have to make sure you credit them every 30 days or so depending on the cards you buy at the local liquor stores... just having one for emergencies could get costly, and some don't offer receiving calls.... also in my area pay phones are getting rarer, but still viable... not too sure if this will be used with 'on the lam' but general communication is always a bad idea when it comes to calling someone that can be tapped on the other side.

    The laptop is good, but I would make sure to get one with as much built in as possible... including the wireless and ethernet. A cable and a crossover converter would be handy. Also the power supply, but no extra battery, they tend to be heavy.

    Encryption software is good but if your laptop gets taken with the private keys onboard, it was just a waste of time to use the software... I would suggest just having a clean laptop and doing the crypto over some 'secret servers' after you linked up via some type of anonymous proxy system... keeping everything of value online is good when the laptop is damaged or stolen.

    A first aid kit is good, though keep it small, if you ever get really jacked you can find one somewhere.

    The ham radio is good for monitoring and communication in general, though if you are being secret you can't be saying your callsign all the time... so this walks the line of keeping something legal.

    I would trade out the small knife for a kabar or something worthy of using for multipurpose from defense to offense.

    Energy bars are good and so are caffeine pills as long as you are hydrated.

    Getting picked up by the local 5-0, assuming you aren't wanted or have any warrants will most likely be fine with the contents of your bag with the above items... carrying anything else like handgun or lockpick set, multiple identification cards, would surely bring up questions you wouldn't want to answer, and would usually probe into further investigation.

    Care to give more details? There wasn't mention if you intened to live out of this bag for a while, the human body starts to stink pretty bad after a few days of not being cleansed... though the senses of the individual filter this ... people don't.

    Generally planning ahead is always a good idea, this includes stashing money (the number one of all things) remotely to make your life easier if you do intend to disappear. Normally people that do this have a box buried somewhere with money and appearance changing things like bleach, dye, razors, handgun, etc...


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      check here


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        One other thing...

        blackwave: good points.

        One other thing I'll add to this: if it's an urban setting, the best way to not be noticed is to be homeless. Make sure that anything you're carrying isn't visibly too nice, and have dirty clothes ready to wear out. Spend your first few days getting yourself dirty and learning the basics of how being homeless works. Remember that anything you're carrying in the way of electronics, watches, or other survival gimcracks picks you out as not part of this.