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  • Looking to connect!

    Hey all,

    Is this group active? I'm new to this area and am looking for events to participate in.

    I've been working with DefCon909 for a few months. For hands on experiences, they suggested I link up with 541 to join any meetups or CTF games.

    Hope to hear back and make some friends before 2023 in LV!

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    Hey Dingo,

    i am looking to connect with local people as well. North a little bit from Eugene in Corvallis area. I am going to DC31 and trying to get people who are more security minded in my network. Dont know if this is active but figured I would drop a line.


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      Hey Dingo and Soybean,
      I'm in Eugene but rather new to the security field so no idea on meetups but would love to connect. Haven't been before but likely going to DC31.


      DC541 Eugene, Oregon USA

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      DC541 Meets: Second Saturday of each month, 3pm - 5pm, location tbd.
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