Why is it secret? barcode

As it turned out, in the video on the link, BANKS put a Stroke Design Code of the 80s on a person's forehead.
In the light of the ULTRAVIOLET Chinese flashlight with a long wave of 365 nm - in the mirror you will see your FOREHEAD with a MARK.
It is this wavelength! 365nm !!! Light from another long wave does not show it.

Questions to BANKS:
What right do you have WITHOUT DEMAND to put tags on people?
By order of whom is it PUT on people?

The video of the victim, its display and story shows that in 20 seconds the BIOMETRIC IDENTIFICATION device manages to put tags on people's foreheads.
These marks are visible in the light of the ultrafiolet.

Everything! Curtain! We arrived!​


You have to do it, you don't need to sleep.I urge you.

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