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First Meeting: Discussing about Network Pentesting

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  • First Meeting: Discussing about Network Pentesting

    Today at 12 EET we'll have the first meeting on Fagului 83 street, Cluj-Napoca to discuss the latest attacks on infrastructures and networks. See you there!
DCG40264 Cluj, Romania

About this Group

Summary and Leadership Structure
We are a group of cyber security professionals that gathers monthly to share new exploits, new tools, and different security topics. Also, we perform free workshops every 2 weeks for cyber security enthusiasts from the local community and Hack The Box nights to guide them and exercise their skills.

We will organize a big cybersec conference once a year at a hotel in Cluj-Napoca with local and international speakers and we will keep organizing meetings once a month to discuss the latest news.

Areas of Special Interest
We have a little lab to pentest POSs, ATMs, and different IoTs using Hak5 tools and lock picking tools. Also, we do red team assessments for fintech and banking companies.

Current Projects
Currently working on a custom C2 framework and we do car hacking.

Cool Things About Us:
We did incident response for different factories that were hit by ransomware and red teaming in the Middle East/African countries.

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