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Guest Speaker Idea - Flash Drives for Freedom

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  • Guest Speaker Idea - Flash Drives for Freedom

    Flash Drives for Freedom. This is a charity doing amazing work. What do they do? They gather people's old flash drives and give them to a network of defectors in North Korea who distribute data that counters the narrative of the corrupt despotic regime. In essence, they are penetrating the largest information firewall in the history of the world known to humanity. Each little drive is encoded with a viral media library that promotes concepts of human liberty, freedom, and justice that is carefully chosen the the defectors themselves. This is something I think hackers should be promoting.When I look at their visitation map, I see they've been everywhere but Las Vegas. I'm sure if they had a speaker at DEF CON, the world knowledge about their organization would spread like wildfire and they'd probably get a lot more donations.

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    I would own a flash drive but it would prob be a smoke ace. 😆