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    Originally posted by urban
    The rest of the attendees will be the non-human type who ask questions like, "what OS is that?" "What's your handle?" and "Will you buy me beer?"
    Last year when someone asked me my name and I said "mfreeck," they replied "Oh, you're one of *those* people." ?


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      Originally posted by blackwave
      ... just don't spread it around :D
      LoL, I'll try

      Originally posted by astcell
      You can wrestle the guy from Toronto for a room. If we can't have midget tossing, we'll have Canook bashing. :D
      Heh, actually I'll be staying at a friend's house that lives in the area ;) Save me several hundred bucks :p BTW, it's spelled Canuck ;) heh

      Also, it's not just American history that the education system lacks on, but the vast majority of everything else :p Us Canadians have so much fun with most Americans when we talk to them :D

      "yea, we just got electricity at our igloo!"
      "we have to travel 15Km on our dogsleds to get to the nearest town!"
      "we only have 2 seasons: Summer and Winter."

      And so on :D *sighs* Just some stuff we like to pull on some Americans :D
      "Know the past, live in the present, look for the future!" - FireBird34


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        hmmm... how about candian pr0n versus american pr0n?... I don't think I have seen too much canadian pr0n if any.... (of course I couldn't see too much pr0n period)... :D though I certainly wouldn't pass up being a judge for the CAN/US pr0n contest...


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          That would be the best!:D I wonder if canadian pr0n is good. I would also love to be on a judging team.:D
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