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White House Actions to Promote Responsible Use of AI

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  • White House Actions to Promote Responsible Use of AI

    Today the White House announced several new actions to promote responsible AI innovation with an aim to protect Americans’ rights and safety. These new steps include investments to power responsible AI R&D at American institutions, new policies to make sure the U.S. is leading the way in responsible use of AI, and public assessments of existing generative AI systems. The last part might be the most exciting because its implementation will, in part, include a public evaluation of some AI systems at DEFCON 31's AI Village.

    You can read the full announcement here but it's always great to find new opportunities to bring policymakers and hackers together to improve policy and tech outcomes.

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    Following the White House Announcement on the responsible use of AI last week, today the White House announced that the President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology launched a working group on generative AI. The group is, among other things, inviting public input at its next public meeting which will be held on May 19. This is a great opportunity for both hackers and policy experts to have their voices heard when it comes to an important emerging technology. You can find all the details about the upcoming meeting and how to submit your comments here. There are even a few helpful prompts to get you thinking about what they are looking for.