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DEF CON Chess Tournament

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  • DEF CON Chess Tournament

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    DEF CON Chess Tournament
    Saturday: 15:00 - 18:00
    DEF CON Contest Area, Forum Ballroom | in-person |

    Twitter: @defconchess, @chessdefcon

    Chess, computers, and hacking go way back. In the 18th century, the Mechanical Turk appeared to play a good game, but there was a human ghost hiding in the shell. Some of the first computer software was written to play chess. In 1997, world champion Garry Kasparov lost to the program Deep Blue, but after the match he accused IBM of cheating, alleging that only a rival grandmaster could have made certain moves.

    At DEF CON 31, we will run a human chess tournament. The games will have a “blitz” time control of 5 minutes on each player’s clock, for a maximum total game time of 10 minutes. The tournament will have a Swiss-system format, with a fixed number of rounds. The match pairing for each round is done after the previous round has ended, and depends on its results. Each player is paired with another player who has a similar running score.

    To determine the winner, the Swiss system is considered highly effective, even when there is a large number of competitors and a small number of rounds. Every player gets to play the full tournament, and the winner has the highest aggregate score when all rounds are over.

    There will be trophies and prizes for the top three players.

    The tournament mechanics will be managed by the Las Vegas Chess Center (LVCC), which has many years of experience in organizing royal game tournaments for all strength levels and ages. LVCC has professional coaches, and grandmasters are frequent visitors.​
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    sign me up .. love to play chess.