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Hacking victim goes postal

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  • Hacking victim goes postal

    By Thomas C. Greene, The Register

    A Cleveland man named Biswanath Halder, who claims his Web site was destroyed by a hacker, took hostages at gunpoint on the campus of Case Western Reserve University on Friday. Tragically, the hacking victim killed a young postgraduate student at the university, Norman Wallace aged 30, and wounded two others when he fired indiscriminately in an apparent fit of rage.

    Halder took over the campus business-school building and kept police at bay for seven hours until being wounded by gunfire and taken into custody.

    Halder's anger centered on university employee Shawn Miller, a school computer-lab assistant Halder believed had hacked his site, thereby destroying his life. He pursued Miller, whom he described as an evil man, through the civil courts and in numerous complaints to the university president, the campus police, the Mayor of Cleveland, the FBI and even the US House and Senate Judiciary Committees, but his pleas for justice were ignored at each turn.

    "The end result of all of these outright evil actions will be that society will end up paying a severe price," Halder had warned in one such communique.

    Halder, like many misunderstood geniuses, was a loner and a constant victim of discrimination and malicious interference, yet he remained a tireless crusader for justice: he had been chronically unable to hold a job (his last known one was in the late 1980's) but routinely sued companies which refused to hire him. He believed he possessed the secrets to peace and prosperity for all mankind and graciously shared these nuggets of wisdom via his Web site -- until someone deleted its entire contents from his computer.

    "I try to solve mankind's problems through the Internet," Halder explained in a court deposition against Miller. "In a few seconds, the evil man wiped out everything that it took my lifetime to create," he later whinged in an e-mail to school officials.

    He had been living on a disability pension for some years; unfortunately, his income was inadequate to afford him psychiatric treatment. ®
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    ... "In a few seconds, the evil man wiped out everything that it took my lifetime to create,"...

    Sounds like a good commercial for a backup device. Not to mention that if the Internet is better than your life, well that is pretty sad....


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      Yeah I read that this morning... btw Biswanath Halder is a perfect example of why abortion should exist in the free world.


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        Originally posted by blackwave
        Yeah I read that this morning... btw Biswanath Halder is a perfect example of why abortion should exist in the free world.
        Isn't Biswanath Halder an anagram for "Legato Commercial"?
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          Later in the news... Veritas hires a new posterboy..
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            This guy is nuts.:D


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              You know this story made it to the local station last night. We are always one of the last to know. The main story however was the tornados. We have some really scary people around these parts.


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                Man! talk about over reacting! gosh peeps like that should be brought out and shot.....twice!

                I can understand him being pissed at his site got messed with but I have one word for him BACKUP!!!

                if he was too stupid to spend his "life work" building a site and not have it saved some how, some were than he shouldnt even own a puter, let alone be building web sites. With that said, web site defacement does not warrant murder nomatter which way u cut it.

                I wonder what he was like in skool, steal his pencil and he'll try to shove it up u'r ass.


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                  That would be funny.:D


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                    yeah, yeah it would be now that i think about it lol...


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                      Originally posted by encrypt31945
                      That would be funny.:D
                      Unless it was your ass:(
                      Where's the dedication?