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The Matrix Reloaded (possibly spoiler in time...)

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    If you stay at the AmeriSuites they have a game there called "Spot the Civilian."


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      Back to the topic

      The matrix 2 was great.
      I heard some whinning, but that is because people arent used to movies that make you think, it sorta reminded me of old-skool sci-fi. I loved it, and the ending was expected, but hell they only make you wait till november, normally it is like a year. the fact they used a real terminal showed that they wherent just playing dumb. As for the other compaines ripping off the effects, that was stupid, but the "brothers" decided to go ape shit and create things that had never been done before, the brawl with the clones, and all the other stuff. I was sad because alot of the trailers gave away the cool effects in the movie, but that is my only complaint.
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        I just didnt feel the Movie flowed quite as it should have, and having Keanu Reeves in it never helps. While it did have some good things that made me think for a moment or two I just couldnt get into it, However I will go check out The Matrix Revolutions.
        If you ask me the best part of the movie was the preview for "Jason VS. Freddy"
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          I liked the looks of that kill-bill movie, being a tarentino fan, I am sure he wont dissapoint.
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            I spotted the use of ssh, but missed the fact that they were using an actual, documented 'sploit and nmap as well. Gonna have to keep my eye open for that when it hits the cheap theaters.
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              Thought I had a telesync, but was wrong.. still working on it. Will make a clip when I have it.
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                i wasnt disappointed in the least!
                i cant wait until everyone has seen it so we can have a good discussion on it.
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                  well i must say i was very pleased w/ Reloaded. i had heard so many people saying that it sucked that i went in w/ low expectations, and now i'm convinced that the reason why they didnt like it is simply because they didnt get it lol.

                  the cgi was awesome, and the fight seens were done very well.

                  all in all an extraordinary movie, if u havent seen it yet. then turn off u'r freekin puter and go watch it!


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                    It was a bit of love/hate with me. For the most part, I did not like the movie at all. It seemed to be a rehash of the old Matrix (Same overdone "bullet-time" and jump into the air, pause, and kick routine) and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. All the dialog was reduced to a string of one-liners, the acting was, well Keanu Reeves quality, and just about every scene was predictible. It was basically like watching a string of "between action scenes" on a playstation 2 that have been spliced together.

                    With that rant out of the way, the special effects were top notch and quite impressive. They did an awesome job with the sound as well. It is worth the price of a movie to see it in the theater, but I would not go see it again unless someone else was picking up the tab (including the food there). If I had to choose between it and X-Men2, I would choose X-Men 2 hands down.

                    Of course, that is just my opinion.. ;)
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                      Originally posted by che
                      It seemed to be a rehash of the old Matrix (Same overdone "bullet-time" and jump into the air, pause, and kick routine) and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.
                      You can't really blame someone for using a technique that they created. I have heard people talk about bullet time like it's old school or something. The only reason it seems that way is because every movie for the past four years has been using it in some form or another. Why? Because whether it's four years old or not it's still fucking amazing. This technique helped tell the story in the first movie and obviously has a place in the second and third chapters.

                      And as far as the reference to Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. How can you not expect it to have that type of feel considering that Yuen Wo-Ping was the fight choreographer? I will also add that the choreography for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was considered ahead of its time and using it now makes people scoff. What the hell is with that?

                      There is nothing at all wrong with this movie. It was and is phenomenal. I think the problem lies with the audience.
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                        its all just bruce lee's enter the dragon when he is fighting han at the end.

                        i also think the only one who has a reason to be pissed about anything is morpheus cause he got the short end of the stick.
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                          i''l be short

                          A local radio station had people call in on thursday to say whether or not they liked it. The people that didn't like it said there were too man big words in it. I guess it made them feel stupid. To me the Matrix has three aspects of it that make it great. 1 Special Effects... DUH!! 2. An amazing story with lots of philosophy in it. 3. Smart humor. If one of these doesn't make it a great movie for you...




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                            part one review

                            Ok I saw Reloaded last night (again the 3rd time) and after having a good 2-3hr discourse with my friends about the film, I think anyone who didn't understand it and didn't like the film "didn't get it." Don't get me wrong, that's not a knock. But the things I've heard don't jive with what is really in the film, in terms of the depth of meaning.
                            This movie *needs* an after film discourse, and needs to be seen multiple times. There were certainly a few parts where I had to suspend my disbelief even moreso (burly brawl, but even then, it really was heads and tails above anything we've ever seen. Hello, anyone remember the CGI in Blade 2? Now try to imagine a camera swooping in and out of that drivel), but the film as a story was chock full of plot.

                            I can try to answer any questions/problems that people have had with the film. I did that with one of my friends last night after he said he really didn't like the film, didn't understand it. After we talked with our friends about the movie, he was like "Holy shit."

                            I can just put it like this simply. The Matrix made me question what is real and what is virtually generated. Reloaded made me question the first Matrix. They were almost polar opposites in every facet

                            Matrix 1: Morpheus wakes up Neo to the truth about the world and his purpose, and informs him that he's part of a larger system that he helps perpetuate by staying asleep.
                            Matrix 2: Neo wakes up Morpheus to the truth of his existence, and how he's been "used" along with all other Zion humans, to continue to perpetuate the system.

                            Matrix 1: Trinity revives Neo after bullet wounds to his chest with the kiss of love.
                            Matrix 2: Neo revives Trinity after a bullet wound to the chest by the power of his love and his ability to manipulate her digital self.

                            Btw, I think that when Neo entered her Matrix code, he was in fact shutting down the signals that her Matrix self was sending to her body that said "Die, you've been shot." Remember, only Neo had the ability to fully control his surroundings. For the rest of them, the Matrix was more powerful than their ability to keep from dying, even when receiving a digital "mortal wound." Neo changed her code to shut down that signal, which is why he removed the bullet first, then jump started her heart.

                            Matrix 1: The Oracle says "What will really bake your noodle later on is, would you still have broken it if I hadn't said anything" when speaking with Neo about the Vase. Makes you wonder about a lot of things. If this is all about choice, and how we are influenced by suggestive comments, what about the rest of their "choices?"

                            I think the Oracle planted Trinity's love for Neo, and Neo's love for Trinity, through suggestion. More on this in the "Matrix 2" portion.

                            Matrix 2: During the scene with the Architect, I got the feeling that in the prior 5 incarnations of "The One," they all chose to rejoin the Matrix in order to save all mankind. If you remember, the Architect told Neo that the previous 5 went into the door because they felt an overwhelming connection to their species, i.e. the human race.

                            I think the Oracle realized this. I think she created Trinity and Neo's love affair in the 6th iteration in order to try and break the cycle. That's why she told Trinity that she would definitely fall in love with the one. Looking back at the first one, I think Trinity was scoping him out and really looking for that love. Then the Oracle told Neo, "I can see why she likes you." From Neo's reaction, he obviously didn't have a clue who that was, so I don't think he was really looking to be in love. However, once the Oracle gave him that hint, he either consciously or subconsciously began trying to figure out who it was, and they connected.

                            So I believe their love affair was engineered by the Oracle in order to give Neo another choice. In the past, the Ones had two choices. Rejoin the Matrix to save all of Humanity, or let all of Humanity and the machines die.

                            And if you recall, that's what M2 has been all about. The choices we are given, and the reasons we choose them.

                            However this time, the One had a third option. Save the love of his life. And in a rather human display of illogic and emotion, as the architect stated, Neo chose the love of his life, which broke the cycle as the Oracle intended.

                            Neo was given a choice, but in retrospect, he never had one. From the moment the Oracle "commanded" Trinity and Neo to fall in love, he was already set on the path to choose her over the rest of humanity and the machines.

                            And that goes back to the point about what is really choice. What is really free will. If there is truly a god (christian that is), did he/she/it really create all of us with free will? That god stated in the bible that we all have free choice, the ability to make up our own minds. The ends of those means are either heaven or hell. However, if god is omniscient, then he/she/it already knows who goes to heaven and hell. So in a sense, it's already been predetermined.

                            So that gets back to the original point of do we *truly* have free will, and what indeed is free will then?

                            There are a lot of other mirrors between the first and second film. I'm still trying to get my head around everything. Please forgive the stream of consciousness-like post, but I really needed to get all of this crap out. Believe it or not there's a lot more where this came from. But I'm kind of a philosophy nerd anyways. :lol:

                            Btw, regarding Neo's ability to stop the machines. I do not believe that they are in a Matrix within a Matrix. They are truly in the "real world."

                            *However,* we've seen what Neo's interactions with the code in the Matrix does. When he entered Smith's code at the end of the first film, they were both enmeshed in one another. Smith said it in the second film. Something about that exchange connected the two in some way that was completely and utterly different than any other connection. Neo can sense Agents now. He can sense Smith now.

                            I think when he entered the source, he enmeshed with the actual code of the architect, and took that back with him to the real world. I think some of that code gave him the ability to connect to the sentient machines and send direct signals to them. Remember, he's many parts machine now (the plugs). Considering they are tied directly to his nervous system, if he gives off enough bioelectric energy from his brain (which all you biology majors should remember we use to send our nerve impulses throughout our body), he can send a brief "Stop!" command to the sentinels over a very short distance. They were on top of him.

                            And I think that's why he went into a coma after that. Because he had expended so much bioelectric nervous energy that his mind needed time to recuperate.


                            Now, everyone remember the 'system failure' at the end of the first matrix? I believe that is what the architect was talking about. When Neo became "The One," the matrix began to break down. That's why the rebels freed more people in the last 6 months than they had in the prior 6 years. The Matrix was breaking down and more and more people were becoming aware of the truth.

                            That is why the architect said that if Neo didn't rejoin the Matrix and disperse his code to the new matrix, everything and everyone would die. This continuous cycle of birth, death, and regeneration was necessary in order to keep the codebase fresh and appealing for the billions of minds connected to the system.

                            I'm thinking more on this particular bit, so please don't mind the brevity of my discussion on this portion.


                            In the first matrix, morpheus summed up what the matrix truly was. When we first saw the matrix, we believed he was strictly speaking about the actual virtual world. However, I believe that the matrix is not the virtual world. I believe it's the virtual world + Zion.

                            "What is the matrix? Control. The Matrix is a computer generated dream world built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this."

                            Then he holds up a battery. However, I think his speech needs to be editted.

                            "What is the matrix? Control. The Matrix is a construct built to keep us under control in order to change a human being into this."

                            Cue the battery.


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                              part two review

                              The Matrix is the virtual world, *and* it is Zion. But only the virtual world is encoded. The machines were able to get their programming of the matrix to a 99% acceptance rate. However, 1% of the population would reject the code, and one of that 1% would become an anomaly so large that he/she would become "The One." In order to keep the system running smoothly, they had to build in a contingency for that 1% to leave the virtual world, make a choice as it were.

                              That is why they were allowed to leave the Matrix and build their city of Zion. In order to give them purpose. As smith stated in the second film, what are we without purpose to our lives? Nothing.

                              However, once The One reached the source, he was to disperse his code back into the original matrix, and choose 23 new human beings to start a new zion. He would create a prophecy that another "One" just like him would follow and hail the destruction of the matrix. It gave that 1% of the population a purpose in life. It gave them meaning.

                              It was the means by which the matrix could be purged of the "rabble rousers" and the rest of humanity kept under wraps. The entire first film was all engineered by the uber creators of the Matrix.

                              Btw, I think that when the one joined the matrix and dispersed his code, it gave everyone born into the matrix a subconscious choice. Would they accept the world around them, or would they not. That is why Morpheus in the first film stated that "You've felt something was wrong with the world your entire life, you don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad."

                              I think that that 1% of the population makes the subconscious choice to live outside the matrix, and thus they are "gifted" with the ability to change the matrix in little ways. The "gift" as the oracle would say. Some with the "gift" are more powerful than others obviously, and one is so powerful that he becomes "The One."

                              As I said, I have a lot of crap in my head. I have to stop cause I have to take a shower, but this is really just a starting point. I think this is a fantastic film, full of deep meaning and textual layering.

                              One of the best films I've ever seen. I simply cannot wait for Revolutions.

                              I love films that make you think and doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator of "Just give me action! The opiate for the masses! Who wants to think??!!"


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                                Fucking A. About all I can say to that is... Amen!

                                While I'd love to get into the philosophy that is so oviously entrenched in the films, I don't care to type that much. But by all means, share your thoughts, cause I'll read them.
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