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The Matrix Reloaded (possibly spoiler in time...)

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    I agree as well. I was just watching the films critics bitch. They complained about to much action, and they whinned about it not being as sleek as the orignal, well I think they where confused by the movie. They watched just for action, so they didnt get any of the plot. I hate film critics. I give them two middle fingers up :D
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      Plot twists

      While I also did really like the movie, there is a certain part of me that didn't think it was that great because I feel that the writers, especially in Reloded created the plot twists not to better the story, but just so people could say "Whoa, that was weird." Yes, the whole thing with the archtect was neat and "mind blowing", but it felt much too manufactured to me. The plot twists did not flow with the story as they did in the first one. Its like they put them there only so people who think they are intelligent can rave about how great the movie was. It was all about control. ;)

      Don't get me wrong, as I said before, I liked the movie, but the plot twists were terribly "in your face" and not very subtle (just like the special effects), so it makes the plot seem much more put together; to make people say "Thats weird", (which too many people interpret as "Good") instead of it actually being a natural part of the story.

      Just the feeling I got out of it. Start flaming me if you must. :D


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        I can see your point. I was able to anticipate most of the "twists" before they happened.. not because I'm some super genius human hybrid, but because I payed attention to the plot and the cues that they sent off throughout the movie. However... I can't count on my hands the number of people that I've talked with that saw it, and it completely flew over their heads.

        I think the ending of this movie has one of two possibilities.
        ) theory one, matrix within a matrix.
        there is quite a bit within both movies that can lead to this, and it would be a natural sci-fi path for the last show to take... but it's already been played..
        ) theory two, humans vs ROBOTS.
        I think even more relevance has pointed to the fact that the sentinals, and general machinery that have overtaken the planet are tied into one central AI, somewhere along the lines. The machines appear to have no intelligence (so far) outside of what they are supposed to do. The plots seems to lend that the same centrel AI for the machines is somehow connected to where the matrix resides. ie. Smith, Neo can actually interect with the system outside of the tasks generally granted by the admin (w00t!) By acheiving such stature, Neo has gained the ability to control the sentinal activity. Don't confuse what Smith does for more than what it is; with a good reference movie for this being the Thirteenth Floor. As I see it, ALL interactions at the current state (including the architect) were fabricated to control the system.
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          yeah i would have to agree that the people that didnt like just didnt get it, i think they got lost when the mcp(architect) started to talk at the end, it will take a few showings to get these people caught up.
          at this point i am to believe what they think is the real world is still just the matrix, neo only has power within the matrix not outside.
          great movie and i think once people watch it again and grasp what is been said they will all agree that this movie just rocks!

          cool job on your view, ill be looking forward to reading more when you get the chance to post it.

          found this on

          by north_
          May 16 2003 7:40AM

          It should be also noted that a possible
          reference to the birthplace of UNIX (room
          1127 at Bell Labs) is in the Warning
          Warning: Disabling nodes 21-48 will disconnect sector 11 (27 nodes)
          The Matrix Reloaded team did their work, eh?
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            Originally posted by ch0l0man
            yeah i would have to agree that the people that didnt like just didnt get it

            Actually, I wasn't all that fond of it, and I "got it" just fine.


            1) Far too many "code" views. The restaraunt scene was gratuitous, silly, and unnecessary. The scene with Trinity was just ridiculous -- I mean, if you have that much ability to manipulate code, why continue treating things as physical objects? The only "code" views that were remotely crucial to the story were those of the Oracle's bodyguard.

            2) Suddenly bits of the Matrix have changed (encrypted and so forth)? If it is in fact encryption, why not just encrypt everything and disable Neo and any operator watching from ships in the real world?

            3) Neo's fight with the French guys' bodyguards, and his subsequent cut palm-ridge. So, what, Neo believed just the tiniest bit that the sword was real, and that his hand was real? C'mon. Either it wouldn't have cut his hand at all, or it should have sliced it clean off. Someone forgot how the Matrix -- and more importantly, Neo's subversion of it -- worked, and thought, "okay, but what if he hits Neo's hand really, really hard?"

            4) Smith's insertion into the real world, and Neo's transfer of power into the real world. I might be able to by Smith's code somehow rewiring the brain of the human on the other end, effecting behavioral changes, but I don't think I'm ready to swallow Neo being able to manipulate things in the real world, unless Revolutions is planning to spring some form of infinite-regress trick on us, and suggest that their reality is actually the construct of evil zero-point aliens from the Blarg dimension.

            5) Was it me, or was enyone else expecting the denizens of Zion to sprout fur, grab spears, starting singing "jub jub!" and hoist Neo up on a chair during the dance number? I swear, for a moment there I believed Zion was inhabited by the Universe's tallest Eewoks.

            Things I liked:
            1) Cursing in French is "Like wiping your ass with silk". Best line in the movie.

            2) The Architect scene. Subtle on several levels, doesn't assume the audience is an idiot. Now if it would stop reminding me so strongly of Pleasantville, I'd be completely okay with it.

            3) The revelation of the Oracle's true nature, and the entire Oracle scene.

            4) The freeway chase. Probably a bit too FX-geeky, but some of the shots were absolutely amazing (e.g., the camera following Trinity on the Ducati, and going under tractor-trailers while so doing, at about 100mph+.)

            5) The use of an actual exploit during the gratuitous system-cracking scene.

            6) The fact that Morpheus did justice to the use of a Samurai sword.


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              I have the 1 min. video clip of the terminal / exploit scene. PM or email for the link if you are interested.

              Do not ask for the entire telesync, or you will get the info for neither. This is not condoning movie trading. This is simply to provide a nifty clip of the exploit scene.
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                ...and for everyone else that will suffice with a screenshot...
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                if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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                  The matrix within another theory is probably incorect. If everyone came up with it it would be to predictable. More likely what c0nv3r9 said is probably right. I think that all the machines are connected to some type of giant network which connects to the matrix. Enableing Neo to control them because he is just going through the matrix and manipulating them like he does everyting else. This may be wrong but this is my theory.:D

                  Oh! I watched it again today. It was great!:D


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                    The only oddity about that theory, now that I think of it, being that Neo was indeed outside of the matrix (according to this thought process) when he stopped the sentinals at the end. If his powers end in the matrix, how did this occur?

                    Following the storyline that this was not the first matrix, it would actually make sense to build a multi-layered matrix to accomodate for the anomaly population that would crash the system of any given matrix... creating the illusion to the anomaly that they had indeed escaped and were in a battle to free others, when they too were still within the control mechanism of the matrix. Similar to the multiple levels of control found in government, religion, and other social structures. It would also make for a boring sequal, so I can only guess there is much more to it than that. or much less

                    After all, the brothers could be pulling a David Lynch on those that take the movie too seriously
                    if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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                      When Smith tryed some how copied Neo like he said and got all his special stuff, maybe Neo got some agent stuff. Since agents are computer programs they can probably control the sentinals. Maybe neo can control them like the agents or whatever high level program can. The matrix inside another matrix makes sence but it would be too predictable. Whell either way has flaws and we will just have to wait and see the third matrix.:p


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                        This is an interesting discussion, but I feel the spectre of Trekkerism hovering close by :D


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                          people are sure throwing out some great thoughts on it.
                          but where is BW been waiting to see what he has to say on it.

                          i dont think its a matrix within a matrix, its just the matrix.
                          the matrix doesnt have to be only the sim of the late 20th century.
                          as for it being predictable, how many guessed that the real world was just another sim, prior to reloaded being released?
                          the answer, *zer0*
                          "so many books, so little time"


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                            Have you heard the news about what the press calls the Matrix Murders?

                            And Choloman, do the math:
                            Warning: Disabling nodes 21-48 will disconnect sector 11 (27 nodes)

                            Would that not be 28 nodes?

                            21 26 31 36 41 46
                            22 27 32 37 42 47
                            23 28 33 38 43 48
                            23 29 34 39 44
                            25 30 35 40 45

                            Yup, 28. :p


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                              The matrix murders are weird.:D Wonder why we never heard about them before? Ho no! They are all around me nooooo.... "Mr. Anderson"


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                                Originally posted by 0versight
                                but then has a hard time with just one person: the protector of the Oracle.
                                i didnt see it as a hard time of fighting the oracles bodyguard.
                                it wasnt like he was breathing hard after the fight.
                                "so many books, so little time"